KDR – RISE in a Nutshell

Rules & Regulations

  1. Teams will be formed with a certain number of male and female participants.
  2. Every team will unanimously choose a Captain. Every Captain needs to choose a vice captain in the team to whom some responsibilities can be delegated.
  3. Following activities will be allowed in WC 2020
    • Running (Should be supported by GPS)
    • Skipping (Should be supported by App proof)
    • Cycling (Indoor and Outdoor and should be supported by trainer app data for indoor and GPS data for outdoor)
    • Walking is allowed and have rules of Running applied to it
    • You can choose Running only or Running + Cycling as your choice but Skipping is applicable for all.
    • Restrictions on number of days for Cycling and Skipping will be informed when the detailed rules are released ahead of the challenge
    • List of acceptable apps include:
      • Strava (Run, Cycling)
      • Runkeeper (Run)
      • Garmin (Run, Cycling, Skipping)
      • Jumpro (Skipping)
  4. 1 day in a week will compulsorily be rest day
  5. Activities can be logged in as follows:
    • Updating activity on iKDR app for outdoor workouts.
    • Indoor activity should be accompanied by app stats + Selfie
  6. The activity needs to clearly show the distance, time of activity and average speed
  7. Distance with decimals will be converted to the earlier km. Example: 6.2 kms will be considered as 6 km and 6.99 kms will also be considered as 6 kms. 
  8. Every activity will be first approved by Captain/Vice-Captain and then by referee. 
  9. Detailed rules will be released at the start of the challenge. Rules can be changed every month. Challenge management committee will have all the rights to change the rules of the challenge which will be applicable to all teams.
  10. Winning team of the challenge is also entitled the coveted “Rolling Trophy” of KDR Winter Challenge.