Priya Mishra

Priya Mishra

Every runner has a story so do I!

Until September 2018 I was like any other non-runner person next door. Running was never on my cards, it just happened, ‘ RUN BY CHANCE.’ In September 2018, during Ladakh trip, I did Ladakh fun run of 7K as my hubby was doing half marathon there. While I was waiting at the finish line for my husband to finish the race, I was overwhelmed looking at people with physical disabilities, senior citizens & other runners of various age categories finishing a half marathon with a sense of pride and achievement on their faces. This motivated me a lot and a thought cropped up in my mind at that very moment, “Next year I shall come here and attempt half marathon”.

As soon as we returned from the trip, I informed my husband how serious I was for the following year’s Ladakh Half Marathon. I started running on weekends under his guidance to prepare myself for Ladakh run. In October, we came across this lovely running group named KDR. After meeting various runners from KDR, there was no looking back. With the KDR group runs, I started enjoying running a lot. Running took new heights with regular runs with KDR buddies. 10K run which was a Herculean task for me during my initial running days had now become easy and comfortable. I also managed to attempt at 25K run during this period which also boosted a lot of confidence in me towards my Ladakh run preparation. Thereafter I started attempting various 10k, group relay, HM’s etc. with the KDR buddies and started progressing in my each and every run.

This September 2019, I finally achieved what I dreamt for. I strongly finished my Half marathon at Ladakh along with my soul/solemate & various other KDR buddies.

I wish every runner to have a wonderful community of running souls like KDR. This is a “Group for runners by Group of Runners”.

# KDR Rocks❣