CSR Drives

KDR, at its heart, is a running group with a social purpose. We conduct numerous CSR activities throughout the year.

KDR Charity Group: There are runners in our group who pledge a certain amount at the start of the year to be donated via KDR to the society at large. We donated a significant amount towards medical expenses of a fellow runner Soumya Ravi, who was battling for life. We have also contributed a significant amount towards medical expenses of a fellow runner’s wife who suffers from a rare disease called Scleroderma and is unable to pay the piling medical bills. This year, we have also donated towards Dialysis care to a hospital, helped support cancer treatment of a needy patient and also donated funds to Mangeshkar hospital to help the poor patients.

Supporting Other Runners: We also regularly send volunteers to running events such as Alfa Trail challenge, etc. have sponsored breakfast and some medals for this year’s AweTism run, and continue to support various runs for causes by participation. Our runners also supported Sufiya Sufi in her running journey of Kashmir to Kanyakumari by running with her when she was passing through Kalyan.

Recycling Plastic Waste: As a standard practise, the plastic waste, including water bottles, generated during group runs, is handed over to Urjaa Foundation, who recycle it in their waste treatment plant.

Shoe Collection Drive: Our group has conducted a shoe collection drive, where the runners donate their old shoes, which are then sent to Greensole – A company which turns the old shoes into slippers using the soles and donates it to the needy children.

Clothes Donation Drive: The runners came forward and readily donated their running event t-shirts, which were distributed to the needy population through the NGO ‘Dhyey Shunya Kachryache’