KDR is committed to conducting regular group runs, health camps, social drives and a few fun events too. A gist of the events conducted in 2019:

Group Runs: We have conducted 12 fully supported Group Runs, one every month, to promote our primary objective – Running. Each group run is conducted with the full support of volunteers, hydration and post-run breakfast along with warm-up and cool-down sessions. The runners contribute a nominal 60rs towards hydration and breakfast support. Our group photographers are always available to capture the runners in action. We strive to add variety to the running routes by conducting our group runs in different locations such as – 90Feet Road, Baldapur Pipeline Road, Mumbra Stadium, Retibunder Road, etc. We have conducted Night Group runs as well to break the monotony of morning runs.

Health Camps: We have numerous Doctors in the group, and they conduct various health and fitness session on a regular basis. This year, one of our group members conducted a free bone densitometry camp for the runners to check bone health. One of our members also conducted a free session on ‘Healthy Eating Habits’ to highlight the importance of correct nutrition for runners.

KDR Winter Challenge: This is a completely free team event which is open to all runners. There are teams of 14-16 runners who compete with each other for 3 months. The teams are awarded points on the basis of their daily mileages. At the conclusion of the challenge, the winners are felicitated. This year, close to 300 runners from across Dombivli, Kalyan, Thane, Mumbai and even overseas have participated in the challenge and have benefited from it. The challenge promotes injury-free running, as the focus is not only on mileage building, but we incorporate compulsory rest days too, and also encourage cross-training and strengthening activities.

Winter Challenge 2019 Results


KDR 5th Anniversary Celebration: Our running group has grown leaps and bounds, and we celebrated the 5th anniversary with a bang. More than 150 runners turned up for the celebrations which included a short group run, followed by cake cutting, some informative sessions from the three “Ironman” from our group, and sumptuous breakfast and runners were handed a special 5-year medal. The entire event was free for all runners and the expenses were sponsored by KDR.

Run-O-tsav 2019: This is a social gathering, much like the MRR Awards night, wherein our group enjoys a light evening with each other, and we also invite connoisseurs from the running community to grace the occasion. This year’s chief guests were Ms Sayuri Dalvi and Ms Parul Sheth who encouraged our runners with words of wisdom and felicitated our angel volunteers and podium winners from KDR. Our personalized group T-shirts were unveiled at the hands of both these running stalwarts.

Winter Challenge Celebration 2019: We recently celebrated the conclusion of winter challenge 2019. More than 100 challengers from all across Mumbai turned up for the celebrations which included a warm up session, short group run, cool down session, followed by cake cutting and breakfast. Challengers were awarded medals for successful completion of the challenge.

Event Participations: KDR, as a group, regularly enthusiastically participates in various running events across the year, notably TMM, VVMM, HDOR, TMVM, NMHM, Stadium relay (with more than 8 relay teams), Awetism Run, Run4Diversity, etc.