CSR Drives

KDR, at its heart, is a running group with a social purpose. We conduct numerous CSR activities throughout the year. KDR Charity Group: There are runners in our group who pledge a certain amount at the start of the year to be donated via KDR to...

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KDR is committed to conducting regular group runs, health camps, social drives and a few fun events too. A gist of the events conducted in 2019: Group Runs: We have conducted 12 fully supported Group Runs, one every month, to promote our primary...

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On The Podium

Kalyan Dombivli Runners are known to grab top spots in most of the races that they participate. The year 2019 was no different. KDR group bagged numerous podium wins in multiple races, throughout the year. We take immense pride in bringing to you...

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Join Us

Begin your fitness journey with KDR! We are much more than just a group of running enthusiasts. Kalyan Dombivli Runners is formed by coming together of like-minded individuals, who have made a conscious choice to stay healthy by means of running...

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