Shreekant Sawant

Shreekant Sawant

If there is anything that I can be most grateful for in the last few years, it has to be my association with this amazing KDR community. Running was never on my cards until my office buddy introduced me to running by enrolling me for SCMM 2014. While being physically active has always been a priority, my legal profession coupled with tight office schedules made it hard to hit the gyms in spite of there being one in the office. So, running sounded a great activity especially with introduction to KDR in 2017.

Fast forward to 2 years, I am content with more deepened relationships with fellow runners and the hunger to serve the community. Last year, I was approached by Atul to take up Admin task. At first, I was skeptical but realizing a pull to serve the community, I agreed and nominated self. My motto is to strengthen the “Kalyan” in KDR and increase the community’s presence in Kalyan as well.

The reason I love KDR is the constant positivity among the fellow runners. The respect is mutual, the craze is actual and the support & guidance is surreal. All this has helped me transition from a comfortable 10k guy to a trained FM runner. Being the youngest in every lot through my life, I am happy to follow the same tradition here in the current team of KDR Admins

“One can’t change his behaviour but sure can change his Running” and with KDR as well.