Suraj Shetty

Suraj Shetty

I was inspired to take up running looking at the live telecast of SCMM, seeing thousands run on the streets of Mumbai. Then in 2012, decided to run the ‘Dream run’ and it was love at first sight. Did not know much about running on streets, so started running on the treadmill and in 2013, ran my First HM in SCMM and then there was no looking back.

Had a naïve thought that since I ran HM in the first attempt, next year will run the Marathon. But little did I know! It took me 6 years to take a dive into Marathon by registering for Procam slam where you have to do FM to complete the challenge. It was really a dream come true. Running is a meditation for me. Get completely charged up and helps to keep my mind strong. It’s completely ‘Me’ time when I am running, and it helps me relieve stress. Have completed:
10k – 35
HM – 27
Marathon – 3

I got to know about Kalyan Dombivli Runners (KDR) when one of the running mates told me about it. I looked it up on Facebook and saw so many inspiring running stories. I joined the first group run with them in 2017. Everyone was so motivating and welcoming. Connected instantly with everyone. There were so many runners whom we would look up to and so much to learn from everyone. The bonding between runners is something you cannot miss acknowledging. You can just walk up to anyone and ask for help and you will never get a ‘No’ for an answer.

No doubt this running community as adjudged the ‘Best Running Group’ in 2019 in the MRR Awards in this category’s inception year. I became an Admin of this group in 2020. Look forward to giving back to this running community and get more people to take up this lovely sport of running. Apart from Running, Photography and going on long Drives and Rides are my other hobbies.

I owe a lot to KDR in my Journey from ‘Runner’ to a ‘Marathoner’. Winter Challenge is a concept started by KDR and it really helps people to regularly train for Marathon’s if someone wants to go for it.

Currently training to be a better runner and aiming higher to see if I can surprise myself!