Winter Challenge KDR-RISE

Kalyan Dombivili Runners, a voluntary community of runners native to the twin cities of Kalyan-Dombivili, are back with an exciting new edition of their signature event: The Winter Challenge.

It’s the year 2020; nothing is like the way it used to be. Some things have changed for the worse, but some things have evolved to be significantly better. The humble KDR- Winter challenge, which brought together runners and non-runners from different walks of life, instilled a discipline of fitness in them, and forged life-long camaraderie, has now evolved to a bigger and better version in 2020.

Presenting a refreshing new format of Running, Inspiring, Strengthening and Endurance in an all new KDR winter challenge: The KDR RISE

Along with all good things from previous years such as healthy competition amongst teams, individual and team running points, bonus points for running, rest days, we have also introduced some cross training activities of Skipping and Cycling. What’s more, gone are the days when you would have to submit your activities to the team captain on Whats App. Now you can simply enter the activities on our very own iKDR app, which is developed specially to give you an exciting new experience of the challenge.

So gear up, be ready, we will see you putting your best foot forwards come October 2020. Limited spots are available. Registrations on first cum first serve basis.

Hurry, Register Now.